Dance with your partner

Dancing is one of the most fun and romantic things you can do with your partner.

Share something awesome

Dancing is awesome, but its even more awesome when you can dance with the person you love.  Partner dancing is all about communication, expression, respect, care and sensitivity.  Learning to dance, and dancing together is a great and meaningful thing to do with that special person in your life.

Quality time for yourself

Perhaps the kids have left home and you are looking for something to do with all your free time.  Perhaps the kids are still at home and you need to get some free time away from them. Whatever the case, dance and dance lessons are a great way to spend quality time with your partner in a fun and relaxed environment.

Wow your friends

Whether its an upcoming wedding, ball, christmas party, reunion, or other social function, you can really leave an impression and be the talk of the party if you can dance well with your partner.  Everybody wishes they could dance well, but few people ever discover how easy it actually is when given the right information.  With even a few weeks of group classes or private lessons, you will easily be the envied dance superstars of your social circle.

Frequently Asked Questions

I only want to dance with my own partner!

Of course, you are perfectly welcome to dance exclusively with your own partner.

I don’t have a partner!

That’s ok, many people come to classes without a partner.  There will be plenty of people to dance with.

Getting Started

If you have any questions about getting started with dancing, don’t hesitate to contact us, or check out our beginners information page.

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