Do something different!

Dance can bring a whole bunch of different and exciting opportunities into your life.

Don’t stand around, Dance

One of the most common reason people learn to dance is so they don’t have to act like a bar prop when they go out with their friends, and they don’t have to be terrified of that social event at which people might ask them to dance.

Learn to dance, and we mean really dance, and you will discover a whole new dimension to every bar, club, party, wedding, ball .. well pretty much about anything with music.

Classes, events, social nights

Even going to a dance class is something completely different.  Where else can you meet and immediately dance with a bunch of people you never met before.

The dance community is a place where strangers can approach each-other at dance events and social nights and expect to be greeted with enthusiasm and the words “Yes, I’d love to dance with you”.  That’s defiantly something different!

Travel and always be welcome

Paris, London, Sydney, New York, Chicago, Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong, LA, San Diego, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Cuba … well, just about every city and town in the world has a dance scene, and a dance scene that always loves visitors.

With dance you can travel anywhere (almost) and find a social group of welcoming people to hang out with.  In fact, there are literally hundreds of awesome dance events, congresses, parties, and even dance cruises all over the world that give you a perfect excuse to go travelling.

Perform on stage

You don’t have to be on So You Think You Can Dance in order to experience the awesome exhilaration of performing on stage.  Amateur dance performance teams are a great and fun way to do something completely different.  If you thought public speaking was a challenge, try dance performance.  There are many events throughout Australia that give amateur performers the opportunity to shine on stage.

Boost your confidence

Dance is a great way to boost your confidence and self esteem.  Of course, we would say that, so just Google “Dance and Self Confidence” to read more about this.  Basically you will discover that dance will improve your social confidence as you become more comfortable talking to people and asking them to dance; your physical confidence as you discover how to control and move your body better than you ever could, and as you get better at dancing, which we promise you will, you will have an awesome sense of accomplishment at having achieved success in what most people are too terrified to even try.

Getting Started

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us, or check out our beginners information page.

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