Dance to the music you love!

Sometimes we hear music we love, we just want to dance.  What better reason to learn dance.  Weather its live music, in a club, at a party, or even in your own home, being able to dance to the music you love is awesome.

Of course there are many types of music, and many types of dancing.  See below which music suits each of the dances we teach.

    West Coast Swing is the most musically diverse dance.  It can be danced to pretty much anything from Top 40 Pop, to Blues, Funk, Swing, even more lyrical music.  West Coast Swing is perfect for the music you are most likely to encounter at clubs, bars, weddings and parties.

    We teach our beginner tango classes using modern tango music called “Tango Electronica”, or “Techno Tango”.  This music blends the beauty of classical tango music with the more funky grooves of modern pop and dance music.

    As your understanding of this amazing dance grows, so too will your interest in the more classic forms of tango music, so we introduce this in the higher level classes.

    Below are some examples of both types of tango music.

    Salsa has to be the ultimate high energy party dance.  Salsa music is just so happy and exotic.  Check out some of the awesome latin american sounds of salsa sounds below.

    Getting Started

    If you have any questions about getting started with dancing, don’t hesitate to contact us, or check out our beginners information page.

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