Private Dance Lessons

Private Dance Lessons are available for individuals, couples or small groups.

For Individuals and Couples

The fastest and most effective way to get great in your dancing is through private lessons.  Ask any of the top dancers and they will all agree on the benefits of private lessons.

  • Individual attention from the principal instructor
  • Learning at your desired rate
  • More attention to detailed technique
  • Experience how an advanced partner should feel
  • Focus on your individual needs

Private lessons are best suited to either;

  • Individuals who want to excel in their chosen dance
  • Individuals and couples who have obtained a basic understanding of the dance from group classes but now want to focus more on technique and accelerate their learning.
  • Dancers from other styles who want to quickly get up to speed in a new style.

For individuals and couples private lessons are available for $100 Per Hour (Ongoing lessons), $110 (Casual lessons). 

For Small Groups

If you have a group of friends who want to learn in a private class environment then private lessons are perfect.  Private lessons are available for small groups typically including;

  • Wedding parties
  • Groups of friends
  • Social groups
  • Special events

Private group classes are tailored to the groups specific requirements.

Contact Amanda to discuss options and rates.

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